Insurance Lead Generation - 3 Hacks To Triple Your Leads!

Insurance Lead Generation

Insurance Lead Generation - Hacks to Triple your leads amount!

Wolfgang Creatives has stated this series of bite-sized Blog Articles with the sincere intent to help Financial Consultants / Insurance Agents to achieve success! We will be revealing our secrets in this series, and we hope to delight your readings with true, proven strategies!

The Formula to MDRT:

As a Insurance Agent / Financial Consultant, the most important key to achieving the status of a Million Dollar Round Table, the Court of the Table, or even the Top of the Table, is the consistency of sales. 

Now, a consistency of sales is definitely a derivative of the consistency of leads. 

Simply put, More Leads = More Appointments = More Closures = More Income! This linear formula is not difficult. However, when we look into the integral parts, there comes the challenge!

insurance lead generation
insurance lead generation

The Formula to Triple Your Insurance Leads:

To get more insurance leads, a Financial Consultant should be considering the following: 

1) Bulk Purchase of Leads from Database Leads Sellers.

2) Manually Harvesting Leads from Warm and Referral.

3) Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation.

4) Linked-in Lead Generation.

5) Website Creation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Facebook and Instagram Insurance Lead Generation Hacks!

Because this is supposed to be a bite-sized article (so that you don’t get too bored with lengthy text), we will be covering the other strategies in our future articles. For now, let’s focus on Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation!

As we know, Facebook is a major platform for Lead Generation. It is also one of the platforms for insurance leads that Wolfgang Creatives is very successful in. Why is that so? 

1) It is cost-effective for Financial Consultants. Our Strong Tip here is: The average Cost Per Lead from our experience for niche insurance leads are about $20 – $30. However, with great targeting (we tend to use our in-house Proprietary Targeting), the average Cost Per Lead can go down to < $10! 

2) It has great keywords available that is relevant to people purchasing Insurance and Investments! Our Strong Hack here is: never focus on the keywords that are commonly used. That’s because many of the marketing companies and agents who are new to Facebook Marketing WILL be targeting them! That essentially increases your Cost Per Lead! 

3) You can exclude other Insurance Agents! Our Strong Hack here is: do not just use keywords to exclude insurance agents. If you have a compilation of agents’ details, please always use the Custom Audience Exclusion as well as the Lookalike Exclusion!  

More Hacks for Insurance Lead Generation?

Feel like reading a little more? Here’s more hacks when it comes to insurance lead generation: 

Always remember that October, November and December are the highest Cost Per Lead months for Insurance Leads. What you can do is to harvest more leads before the end of year, but keep them lukewarm so that that can bear fruits during these tougher months! Why is October, November and December the highest costs? That’s because most marketing agencies and companies are looking to spend more towards the Christmas period! 

In Conclusion:

We have introduced some hacks when it comes to Insurance Lead Generation and how to get Insurance Leads. Attempt your best in Facebook and Instagram, we will be covering more hacks and tips in our series of bite-sized articles to help you guys! 

If all else fails, don’t worry! We are here to help with our bespoke packages when it comes to ANY form of insurance lead generation! With 4 years of advertising experience, creating 12 MDRTs and 2 COTs in 2019 and the top 10% Produces in Real Estate, Wolfgang Creatives is always one call away! P.S. – We don’t bite!

– Yours Sincerely, Wolfy.

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