Lead Generation Singapore - The Complete Hacks & Guide

Lead Generation Singapore – The Complete Hacks & Guide

Part 1 of the Complete Hack and Guide to Lead Generation Singapore.

Wolfgang Creatives is well known to be the TOP Lead Generation company in Singapore. The community has really supported us, and we have decided to give back sincerely, by  letting go our Hacks and Secrets…. for FREE! 

Lead Generation Singapore

A little bit about us, and what we are going to cover for Lead Generation Singapore:

In short, Wolfgang Creatives has achieved the following: 

  • For the insurance industry, in 2019, we have created 12 Million Dollar Round Tables (MDRT) and 2 Court of the Tables (COT). 
  • For the real estate industry, in 2019, we have created the TOP 10% Producers.
  • For various businesses, in 2017 – 2019, we have created some of the TOP 10 Generating Websites on Google. 

Depending on the nature of the business, we deploy different strategies, namely:

1) Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation.

2) Linked In Advertising Lead Generation.

3) Website Building and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Lead Generation.

4) Google Ads: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Lead Generation.

5) Press Release Lead Generation, on Big Media. 

…. and these are all that we are going to cover in a series of articles, for lead generation Singapore hacks!

Let's start with... 1) Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation Singapore!

Lead Generation Singapore Facebook #1 Hack: Techniques to exclude certain races that are not in your target market!

It is a particularly sensitive topic, especially when it comes to Facebook. BUT, we do feel the need to address this because this is one of the biggest issues for clients when it comes to advertising on Facebook! We will be addressing this within Facebook Guidelines, because we are Facebook’s Official Marketing Partner and we see the good in Facebook when they stepped up to curb racism. 

lead generation singapore

When it comes to lead generation singapore, we understand that certain races might not be of interest to you when it comes to targeting. However, most people are only using “interest targeting” exclusions when it comes to Facebook. 

At Wolfgang Creatives, we have mastered a TON of Lead Generation Singapore Exclusion Hacks, some of which are: 


1) Languages: Go under Ad Set → Languages, there is an option that is severely overlooked by most advertisers. You may select English (All), Chinese (All), or whatever language you choose, to limit to users that use their Facebook in their set user language.

2) Mobile devices: Go under Ad Set → Manual Placements, there is a sneaky hidden “Show More Options” button. You can target certain mobile devices from there. How is this relevant? We’d leave it to you to infer.

3) Exclusion Keywords: Using Very Specific Detailed Targeting Keywords. Go under Ad Set → Detailed Targeting Exclusion. There are pretty specific keywords that can actually exclude certain races indirectly. “Away from hometown” demographic keyword is a pretty good example for lead generation singapore

4) API Proprietary Targeting Exclusion: At Wolfgang Creatives, we use a proprietary self developed software with API to Facebook for lead generation singapore, that excludes certain races in Singapore. A proprietary self developed software to perform exclusions is the BEST method we have by far. However, it takes rigorous building which encompasses:

  • Technical Business Requirement Gathering
  • Coding and Scripting Development.
  • API Integration.
  • API Interface Testing.
  • User Acceptance Tests (UAT).
  • System Integration Tests (SIT).
  • User Verification Tests (UVT).
  • System Launch and Go Live.
For this, feel free to drop us a message and we can help you out!

Lead Generation Singapore Facebook #2 Hack: Understanding Facebook's Black Box Algorithm

lead generation singapore

Most advertisers and marketing agencies have no clue what’s in the Facebook Black Box and it’s algorithms. However, in order to master lead generation singapore when it comes to Facebook advertising, you have to understand the system that you are working with! These are some hacked insights that you have to know:

1) It is based on Supply and Demand Economics. 

Base Rule: If there are no competitors reaching that target keyword, your bidding
costs will fall and hence Cost Per Lead (CPL) will fall.

Base Rule: If you’re targeting a highly sought after keyword, your Facebook ad costs
will be higher as more competitors bidding.

What is the Hack here? Try going for keywords that are not common to the advertising mind 😉 

2) Facebook is using a Bidding System.

If you actually run Automatic Bidding, it’s actually running on Lowest Cost Bidding.

Base Rule: FB’s Algorithm goes by a bidding system.
Base Rule: For Lowest Cost Automatic Bidding, it tries to win bids of a low cost.
Here’s a vague example for understanding purposes:
If your bid is auto bidded at $0.03, and there are 2 competitors, $0.01 and $0.02, you will win the bid but only pay $0.021 for the ad placement. 

Then, $0.021 is paid for 1 reach. It continues to bid till, for example only) $21 for 1000 reach. 

If you get 1 submissions on ‘Learn More’ or ‘Sign Up’,  that means the CPL is $21.
If you get 2 submissions on ‘Learn More’ or ‘Sign Up’, that means the CPL is $10.50.

An additional tip: try playing around with Target Cost and Bid Cap bidding system in the Ads Manager, we will cover more on this in the future for lead generation singapore 😉 

3) If I raise my Daily Budget in an attempt to get more leads, will I get more leads?
It Depends.
Base Rule: Users who use, for example, 2 hours of Facebook a day will be classified as “Expensive” to reach to users.
Base Rule: Users who use, for example,  >8 hours of Facebook a day will be classified as “Cheap” to reach to users.
If you set a High Daily Budget, FB might reach out to the Expensive users, so your CPL
actually rise.
However, this means that you are able to reach out to a different segment of Expensive
users that you were not able to previously, whilst doing lead generation singapore. 
Why does Facebook Operate this way? 
Well Facebook is built vastly for retail purposes. As such, imagine if you have an Electric Guitar shop that is doing lead generation Singapore. 
You have spent mostly $10 a day in your ad, and the Frequency (check under inspect) is already hitting 3-5. That could mean an audience exhaustion due to saturation. 
What can you do? Increase to $20 a day in your ad so that you can reach out to a whole different segment of more Expensive users that you were not able to previously!

... and that's just the Tip of the Iceburg!

So much information… and you’re telling me that’s just the Tip of the Iceburg? 

Well…. YES. Digital Marketing for Lead Generation Singapore is pretty much what we call in the Gaming Industry, a “Low Barrier to Entry, but High Skill Cap Required”. It does take quite a huge amount of time as well as vast experience to uncover all the secrets and become a truly successful marketer. 

Fret not, Wolfgang Creatives will always be a Contact Form away if you need us! 

Yours Sincerely, EP, the CEO of Wolfgang Creatives. 

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