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Lead Generation Singapore – The Complete Hacks & Guide

Part 1 of the Complete Hack and Guide to Lead Generation Singapore.

Wolfgang Creatives is well known to be the TOP Lead Generation company in Singapore. The community has really supported us, and we have decided to give back sincerely, by  letting go our Hacks and Secrets…. for FREE! 

Lead Generation Singapore

A little bit about us, and what we are going to cover for Lead Generation Singapore:

In short, Wolfgang Creatives has achieved the following: 

  • For the insurance industry, in 2019, we have created 12 Million Dollar Round Tables (MDRT) and 2 Court of the Tables (COT). 
  • For the real estate industry, in 2019, we have created the TOP 10% Producers.
  • For various businesses, in 2017 – 2019, we have created some of the TOP 10 Generating Websites on Google. 

Depending on the nature of the business, we deploy different strategies, namely:

1) Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation.

2) Linked In Advertising Lead Generation.

3) Website Building and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Lead Generation.

4) Google Ads: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Lead Generation.

5) Press Release Lead Generation, on Big Media. 

…. and these are all that we are going to cover in a series of articles, for lead generation Singapore hacks!

Let's start with... 1) Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation Singapore!

Lead Generation Singapore Facebook #1 Hack: Techniques to exclude certain races that are not in your target market!

It is a particularly sensitive topic, especially when it comes to Facebook. BUT, we do feel the need to address this because this is one of the biggest issues for clients when it comes to advertising on Facebook! We will be addressing this within Facebook Guidelines, because we are Facebook’s Official Marketing Partner and we see the good in Facebook when they stepped up to curb racism. 

lead generation singapore

When it comes to lead generation singapore, we understand that certain races might not be of interest to you when it comes to targeting. However, most people are only using “interest targeting” exclusions when it comes to Facebook. 

At Wolfgang Creatives, we have mastered a TON of Lead Generation Singapore Exclusion Hacks, some of which are: 


1) Languages: Go under Ad Set → Languages, there is an option that is severely overlooked by most advertisers. You may select English (All), Chinese (All), or whatever language you choose, to limit to users that use their Facebook in their set user language.

2) Mobile devices: Go under Ad Set → Manual Placements, there is a sneaky hidden “Show More Options” button. You can target certain mobile devices from there. How is this relevant? We’d leave it to you to infer.

3) Exclusion Keywords: Using Very Specific Detailed Targeting Keywords. Go under Ad Set → Detailed Targeting Exclusion. There are pretty specific keywords that can actually exclude certain races indirectly. “Away from hometown” demographic keyword is a pretty good example for lead generation singapore

4) API Proprietary Targeting Exclusion: At Wolfgang Creatives, we use a proprietary self developed software with API to Facebook for lead generation singapore, that excludes certain races in Singapore. A proprietary self developed software to perform exclusions is the BEST method we have by far. However, it takes rigorous building which encompasses:

  • Technical Business Requirement Gathering
  • Coding and Scripting Development.
  • API Integration.
  • API Interface Testing.
  • User Acceptance Tests (UAT).
  • System Integration Tests (SIT).
  • User Verification Tests (UVT).
  • System Launch and Go Live.
For this, feel free to drop us a message and we can help you out!

Lead Generation Singapore Facebook #2 Hack: Understanding Facebook's Black Box Algorithm

lead generation singapore

Most advertisers and marketing agencies have no clue what’s in the Facebook Black Box and it’s algorithms. However, in order to master lead generation singapore when it comes to Facebook advertising, you have to understand the system that you are working with! These are some hacked insights that you have to know:

1) It is based on Supply and Demand Economics. 

Base Rule: If there are no competitors reaching that target keyword, your bidding
costs will fall and hence Cost Per Lead (CPL) will fall.

Base Rule: If you’re targeting a highly sought after keyword, your Facebook ad costs
will be higher as more competitors bidding.

What is the Hack here? Try going for keywords that are not common to the advertising mind 😉 

2) Facebook is using a Bidding System.

If you actually run Automatic Bidding, it’s actually running on Lowest Cost Bidding.

Base Rule: FB’s Algorithm goes by a bidding system.
Base Rule: For Lowest Cost Automatic Bidding, it tries to win bids of a low cost.
Here’s a vague example for understanding purposes:
If your bid is auto bidded at $0.03, and there are 2 competitors, $0.01 and $0.02, you will win the bid but only pay $0.021 for the ad placement. 

Then, $0.021 is paid for 1 reach. It continues to bid till, for example only) $21 for 1000 reach. 

If you get 1 submissions on ‘Learn More’ or ‘Sign Up’,  that means the CPL is $21.
If you get 2 submissions on ‘Learn More’ or ‘Sign Up’, that means the CPL is $10.50.

An additional tip: try playing around with Target Cost and Bid Cap bidding system in the Ads Manager, we will cover more on this in the future for lead generation singapore 😉 

3) If I raise my Daily Budget in an attempt to get more leads, will I get more leads?
It Depends.
Base Rule: Users who use, for example, 2 hours of Facebook a day will be classified as “Expensive” to reach to users.
Base Rule: Users who use, for example,  >8 hours of Facebook a day will be classified as “Cheap” to reach to users.
If you set a High Daily Budget, FB might reach out to the Expensive users, so your CPL
actually rise.
However, this means that you are able to reach out to a different segment of Expensive
users that you were not able to previously, whilst doing lead generation singapore. 
Why does Facebook Operate this way? 
Well Facebook is built vastly for retail purposes. As such, imagine if you have an Electric Guitar shop that is doing lead generation Singapore. 
You have spent mostly $10 a day in your ad, and the Frequency (check under inspect) is already hitting 3-5. That could mean an audience exhaustion due to saturation. 
What can you do? Increase to $20 a day in your ad so that you can reach out to a whole different segment of more Expensive users that you were not able to previously!

... and that's just the Tip of the Iceburg!

So much information… and you’re telling me that’s just the Tip of the Iceburg? 

Well…. YES. Digital Marketing for Lead Generation Singapore is pretty much what we call in the Gaming Industry, a “Low Barrier to Entry, but High Skill Cap Required”. It does take quite a huge amount of time as well as vast experience to uncover all the secrets and become a truly successful marketer. 

Fret not, Wolfgang Creatives will always be a Contact Form away if you need us! 

Yours Sincerely, EP, the CEO of Wolfgang Creatives. 

Insurance Lead Generation

Insurance Lead Generation - Hacks to Triple your leads amount!

Wolfgang Creatives has stated this series of bite-sized Blog Articles with the sincere intent to help Financial Consultants / Insurance Agents to achieve success! We will be revealing our secrets in this series, and we hope to delight your readings with true, proven strategies!

The Formula to MDRT:

As a Insurance Agent / Financial Consultant, the most important key to achieving the status of a Million Dollar Round Table, the Court of the Table, or even the Top of the Table, is the consistency of sales. 

Now, a consistency of sales is definitely a derivative of the consistency of leads. 

Simply put, More Leads = More Appointments = More Closures = More Income! This linear formula is not difficult. However, when we look into the integral parts, there comes the challenge!

insurance lead generation
insurance lead generation

The Formula to Triple Your Insurance Leads:

To get more insurance leads, a Financial Consultant should be considering the following: 

1) Bulk Purchase of Leads from Database Leads Sellers.

2) Manually Harvesting Leads from Warm and Referral.

3) Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation.

4) Linked-in Lead Generation.

5) Website Creation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Facebook and Instagram Insurance Lead Generation Hacks!

Because this is supposed to be a bite-sized article (so that you don’t get too bored with lengthy text), we will be covering the other strategies in our future articles. For now, let’s focus on Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation!

As we know, Facebook is a major platform for Lead Generation. It is also one of the platforms for insurance leads that Wolfgang Creatives is very successful in. Why is that so? 

1) It is cost-effective for Financial Consultants. Our Strong Tip here is: The average Cost Per Lead from our experience for niche insurance leads are about $20 – $30. However, with great targeting (we tend to use our in-house Proprietary Targeting), the average Cost Per Lead can go down to < $10! 

2) It has great keywords available that is relevant to people purchasing Insurance and Investments! Our Strong Hack here is: never focus on the keywords that are commonly used. That’s because many of the marketing companies and agents who are new to Facebook Marketing WILL be targeting them! That essentially increases your Cost Per Lead! 

3) You can exclude other Insurance Agents! Our Strong Hack here is: do not just use keywords to exclude insurance agents. If you have a compilation of agents’ details, please always use the Custom Audience Exclusion as well as the Lookalike Exclusion!  

More Hacks for Insurance Lead Generation?

Feel like reading a little more? Here’s more hacks when it comes to insurance lead generation: 

Always remember that October, November and December are the highest Cost Per Lead months for Insurance Leads. What you can do is to harvest more leads before the end of year, but keep them lukewarm so that that can bear fruits during these tougher months! Why is October, November and December the highest costs? That’s because most marketing agencies and companies are looking to spend more towards the Christmas period! 

In Conclusion:

We have introduced some hacks when it comes to Insurance Lead Generation and how to get Insurance Leads. Attempt your best in Facebook and Instagram, we will be covering more hacks and tips in our series of bite-sized articles to help you guys! 

If all else fails, don’t worry! We are here to help with our bespoke packages when it comes to ANY form of insurance lead generation! With 4 years of advertising experience, creating 12 MDRTs and 2 COTs in 2019 and the top 10% Produces in Real Estate, Wolfgang Creatives is always one call away! P.S. – We don’t bite!

– Yours Sincerely, Wolfy.

Lead Generation Strategies

lead generation singapore

The origins of lead generation?

The expression “lead generation” is an Anglicism, a word or construction borrowed from English into another language. It is translated as “lead detection”. Lead generation or lead gen in short, are marketing techniques to generate and multiply potentially qualified contacts. It is a marketing method to capture contacts that will possibly show signs of interest. 

Why is lead generation important?

As told to us by our Singapore clients, is basically an oxygen tank to any business. Without sales lead generation, there will be no potential clients. Without potential clients, the business will cease to exist.

It is imperative that business leads are consistent and the business will grow capabilities to nurture these leads into a database. They can then perform retargeting to clients that might not convert in the first instance of sale. 

What are the lead generation strategies to get Singapore leads?

1) Buy leads in Singapore in bulk / find singapore databases for sale.

The most traditional method is to purchase leads in bulk from an online source. These sources have the contact information from people who have purchased products or services, or have left their email previously. The sources can come in the form of an email list or even an excel sheet of their mobile numbers. It can have their date of birth, gender, and even income!

However, when businesses buy databases in singapore, these are often sourced from law firms, bank databases, and even stolen from businesses. The issue is that the Personal Data Protection Act strongly discourages contacting leads that have not been permitted to be contacted. A fine can cost a business $10,000.

2) Employ telemarketing services in singapore /  telemarketing company in singapore

Telemarketing is actually a viable strategy, even if it’s an outdated one. Business owners, especially the insurance industry, employ telemarketers for a cost after purchasing the lead databases. However,  Telemarketing in Singapore has a nasty reputation of 1 – 3 converted into appointments out of 100 called. That’s a pretty low 1 –  3% conversion rate.

3)  Self attempt to reach singapore facebook, instagram or even linked-in social media.

There are various education companies in singapore that sell their marketing courses in lead generation. They teach companies how to be a lead magnet, calls to action, and methods to get ready to buy leads. This is a possible lead generation tactic, but it requires a vast amount of time committed to be good at it.

It has a low barrier to entry, but it is difficult to master. This is what we call in gaming industries, a ‘high skill cap’. Some money might be burnt before acquiring the techniques. Let us not forget the opportunity costs arise as the time can be spent instead on sales.

4)  Engage a lead group in singapore, or lead generation companies in singapore

When it comes to lead generation in Singapore, engaging a lead generation company that has expertise and vast experience in the field of marketing is key. The idea is to outsource the marketing work, so that businesses can focus on what they do best: bringing in the sales and technical expertise. A track record and credibility is key when picking a great marketing company in Singapore. Wolfgang Creatives is known as the leading lead generation agency in Singapore due to the track record:

     Produced the highest amount of MDRTs & COTs in the insurance industry.

     Produced the top 10% producers in the real estate industry,

     Produced the top 10 revenue generating business with our proprietary targeted leads.

lead generation strategies

Why lead generation for insurance agents as well as real estate agents?

Many agents are wondering how to generate insurance leads. When it comes to insurance lead generation in Singapore, there are quite a few known methods, namely: 

     Telemarketing cold calls, but the conversion rates are low.

     Warm market and referrals, but it is exhaustive.

     Flyers, but the hit rate is really low.

     Road Shows and Street Canvassing, but it has been restricted during the recent covid issue.

     Insurance lead generation website and Search Engine Optimization, but this is rather costly.

Hence, when it comes to this, many agents are looking towards insurance lead generation companies. This is where marketing companies come into play, providing insurance lead generation ideas.

At Wolfgang Creatives, we typically deploy Facebook and Instagram as the marketing strategy, because we are Facebook’s Official Marketing Partner. Every year, we intake all insurance companies, as well as insurance agencies.

We have an in-house developed insurance lead generation software that is fully proprietary. This helps greatly with the targeting in Facebook because it has an Application Programming Interface with Facebook. 

In Conclusion:

For business as well as insurance lead generation services, there are really quite a number of methods that one can attempt in order to reach their needs. Simply put, there is certainly no harm attempting all the methods suggested because it broadens the knowledge of how to bring in more sales. If all else fails, do not worry as we are always at your service. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Wolfgang Creatives.